Samstag, 21. März 2009

Of Birds And Lice

(Karel Appel,1952)

Talkin´ to birds...
>>>Fats Waller - Ooh! look-a there, ain´t she pretty (1936) (click on divShare to go to the Downloadpage)

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Wanna come around for Sunday afternoon tea?
No one to talk with - all by myself, I´m through with flirtin´, it´s you that I´m thinkin´of. Ain´t misbehavin´, savin´ my love for you.
Believe me - I don´t go nowhere, don´t stay out late, no place to go...
- Now wait a minute, what´s that racket startin´ up ... that full blown ramba zamba of a swing septett behind you, that´s what I´m talkin´ of... Yeah right, that´s just the radio! So you don´t go out late? At least have the decency to step outside of the Club when you call me to tell me all those liesss!

>>>Fats Waller - Ain´t misbehavin´ (1943) (click on divShare to go to the Downloadpage)

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Dienstag, 17. März 2009

T.O.D - Trash On Delivery

The Pistols were a Glam band after all.

A01- The Babysitters -Everybody Loves You.mp3
A02- The Genocides - Private Hell.mp3
A03- The London Cowboys - Lets get Crazy.mp3
A04- Marionette - My Baby sucks Real Bad.mp3
A05- Bad Detective - Favourite Record.mp3
A06- The Barracudas - You Gonna Miss Me.mp3
B01- Marionette - Too Far Gone.mp3
B02- DogsDAmour - Teenage.mp3
B03- Suffragette - Do You Want My Love.mp3
B04- Garrie J Lammin - I Heard The Devil.mp3
B05- Nikki Sudden _ The Bible Belt - Waiting For The Siege.mp3
B06- The Babysitters - Livin Out Rock N Roll.mp3

If you ever wondered what happened to all those British New York Dolls fan club members who didn´t hook up with Johnny Marr, in this here compilation you´ll find the answer.
Well, I surely didn´t realize there was a question in need of asking here, what I wondered though was, what was the matter with all those Dogs D´Amour records with their ridiculous watercolour covers cluttering up our 2nd hand record stores?

Since London was on smack since Nancy came to town and the strong urge of the English male population to dress up in drag needed an outlet once more after all that blue collared Oi fancilessness and Post Punk drearydrabness, a new genre was proclaimed: "Glam Punk".
So, Glam! it was once more. But these bands didn´t have many similarities with the Slades, Sweets or Suzies of the 70ies - they weren´t Glitter, they were Sleaze Glam.
What made these bands tick was an unsound fascination for (the way overrated) Johnny Thunders and sloppy musicianship. They concentrated very hard on being sleazy though. So hard in fact, that all the required frivolous gyrating and pouty mouthed sneering (just wondered if that´s even possible - "pouty mouthed sneering" - probably not at the same time) at times tended to diminish their musical momentum a bit. So some of these shaggy bands weren´t the greatest, sounding mostly like the local opening act for bigger and better bands and none of them came close to Hanoi Rocks (who had moved to London in 1982 - a year before this compilation came out), but - and that´s a big but - BUT due to their over the top antics one thing they surely were not: bland.
Maybe they would have fared better, had they ripped off London Calling like Hanoi Rocks did, instead of emulating Johnny Thunders.

(Did I mention that Johnny Thunders is vastly overrated? Probably the most overrated fuckup in the history of popular music.The guy didn´t have any songwriting talent whatsoever! Did you ever listen to "You can´t put your Arms around a Memory"? Really? On paper it might look like a great loser anthem, but then listen to it! You call this drearydrab and bland (yes, bland - they weren´t, he is) underwritten piece of crap a song?
Let me tell you it´s never a good idea to have two obnoxiously grinding and monotonous verses in a row, then when the listener has lost all hope for change, finally the chorus comes around and any change is good at that point, right? Wrong. Turns out the chorus is even worse in it´s G-A-D blandness (again). Give me back my obnoxiously grinding and monotonous verse! Ah, here it is. No really, to ruin a shit song with an even shittier chorus - that kinda commands respect.
And don´t get me started on his guitar playing.
There are so many talented junkies out there - Richard Hell, the Big Star boys, the Stooges possee, Dee Dee, even Dougherty has a shard of talent - so why canonize this sapless Thunders fella? The Dolls were alright, Johnny Thunders was shit, shit, shit! Oh, but was he influentshaaal. Enough already with the parenthesis rant and)

back to the record at hand:
Some of the bands collected here got better over time (the Dogs D´Amour f.i.) some ended up in L.A (the London Cowboys (Jerry Nolan! Glen Matlock!) f.i.), some even got signed to the big league (The London Cowboys f.i.). And some did an excellent job the first time round on this compilation (Bad Detective or Garrie J. Lammin f.i. took more of a Power Pop approach) I feel obliged to add after reading through my babble again, realizing that I made T.O.D seem quite horrid when it´s actually great fun - the later the evening the better it sounds!

However, there is one standout track to be found here and that comes from Nikki Sudden, who strangely enough cut back on his Keithisms here and delivers almost a bouncy and pushy The Fall reproduction with a sweet Aah-Ah-Ah--Ah-Ah chorus. No seriously, this is one great song.
>>>Nikki Sudden & The Bible Belt

The whole set of shoddy (let´s see, have I used all my s-adjectives - sleazy, sloppy, shaggy, shoddy - damn, forgot seedy and shabby) Rock´n´Roll fun in VBR on Sharebee:

>>>Trash On Delivery (Flickknife 1983)

And now I have to look for more Nikki Sudden & The Bible Belt and maybe pick up one of those damn Dogs D´Amour albums.

Sonntag, 15. März 2009

You're lazy and you're indiscreet and you're bad in bed as well

- Well, I've had no complaints before.

Sally Timms and The Drifting Cowgirls featuring Marc Almond - This house is a House of Trouble
(Don´t judge a record by it´s cover.)

If there was a musical genre called Domestic Quarrel it would be populated by Southern Soul and Country duets (Also, the first Prolapse album comes to mind - I´m plannin to post this in the near future) but this would be the opener of the K-Tel box set "The Best of Domestic Quarrel Rock".

I love the Mekons. I love Sally Timms. I love Marc Almond. (Very much.)
So put these three together and it´s critical mass time in the love bomb department!
I use this explosive device in every one of my DJ sets - yes, boy/girl you can dance to the sound of crashing dishes - and usually get ZERO response from the jaded but uncritical masses filling my dancefloor - and girl/boy I can tell you: my ballroom´s always full - this very fact may show you how utterly boring the zeroes and how underdeveloped the taste in their inhabitants turned out - worse than the 90´s and their inhabitants as if that were possible.

>>>Sally Timms and The Drifting Cowgirls feat. Marc Almond - This House is a House of Trouble (You can download the track by clicking on divShare)

On the flip side of this 12" the Mekons are in straight country mode and Miss Timmses voice soars and rises in this tearjerker:
"The sun comes up like a shadow..."
>>>Sally Timms and The Drifting Cowgirls - (chained to) The Anchor of Love

(She is such an unconventional Honky Tonk Angel)

Also rather good - this rebel rousing folk song:
>>>Sally Timms and The Drifting Cowgirls - My Little Pony

And if you ask yourself how Marc A., the seedy Disco Queen and sleazy Chansonniere got in touch with those Leedsian rootsrockers - in `87 his boat was actually sailing close by, it was called Mother Fist and had quite a handful of handsome sailors on board, f. i. this one:
>>>Marc Almond - Melancholy Rose